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Pool table for sale Denver: 8' American Billiards Company 'Balboa'. Excellent condition. MADE IN USA!! 100% solid wood.



  • Excellent condition with no noticeable damage and only one minor nick.
  • All solid wood table. Absolutely NO particle board anywhere near this table.
  • Rich 'traditional oak' finish on solid oak. Interior cross supports are pine.
  • Cushion rubber is in great condition and will provide many more years of responsive play.
  • 3 piece, 1", backed slate with wood backing. Not particle board.
  • Leather pockets.


- Basic green cloth in good condition.
- 2, one-piece house cues (Many upgraded cue packages available)
- Bridge cue
- Ball set (Many upgraded Aramith ball sets available)
- 8-ball rack
- Chalk to match

Delivery and installation can be provided.
Quotes are dependent on distance, complexity of access, and availability.