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9' Delmo - 100% solid hardwoods. Extremely well built and AMERICAN MADE! Great condition with minimal wear & tear


Used-Delmo-pool-table-for-sale-Denver-pool-tables-denver #Brunswick-pool-table-for-sale

  • 100% solid wood.
  • Beautiful hand carved legs and cabinet sides.
  • Table is in great condition with minimal wear and tear.
  • Cushion rubber is in good shape and has many more years left.
  • Dark 'Early American'  finish with beautiful natural top rails
  • 3 piece, 1" slate
  • Leather pockets

- Cloth shown is in useable condition, or, we can easily replace it if a color change is desired
- 2, one-piece house cues
- Ball set
- 8-ball rack
- Chalk to match

Delivery and installation can be provided. Quotes are dependent on distance, complexity of access, and availability.