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9' Connelly 'Chiricahua Ultimate' 6 leg. 2 INCH THICK SLATE!! MADE IN USA!


Connelly used pool table for sale Denver pool table moving denver

  • 100% solid oak throughout, even the cross supports are solid oak!
  • 4 piece, 2" THICK SLATE!
  • Honey oak finish
  • Leather pockets
  • Cosmetically, this table is in good condition with some noticeable damage and normal wear & tear
  • This table was used in the 1995 Denver Women's professional pool tournament. The table comes with a signed poster from the women pros that played the tournment as well as the original cloth from that event that the they had also signed.
  • One of the most overbuilt tables ever made

- Coth shown is in useable condition, or we can replace it for a minimal charge
- Includes extra original cloth signed by tournament players in the 1995 Denver Women's Open.
- 2, one-piece house cues
- Ball set
- 8-ball rack
- Table brush
- Chalk to match

Delivery and installation can be provided. Quotes are dependent upon distance and complexity of access.