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9' Olhausen 'Champion Pro' Professional tournament table. With Simonis 860 cloth. MADE IN USA!!


Good condition used Olhausen tournament pool table

  • The Olhausen Champion Pro is among the best playing pool tables ever made.  Quality construction and tournament quality playability.
  • Similar to a Brunswick Gold Crown in construction, but made in USA, not China...
  • Super solid pedestal style legs give this model extreme stability and durability
  • A pro players table, unmatched in form and structure, this table is designed for commercial use, it can also withstand the kids from the neighborhood.
  • Table is in excellent mechanical condition.
  • The stickers were an art project gone awry. Although tastefully done, it may take a while to remove them if you so desire
  • Olhausen 'Accufast' cushion rubber is in great condition and has many years of life left
  • 3 piece, 1", backed slate
  • Drop pockets are in good shape
  • Simonis 860 cloth in Tourney Green has plenty of years left in it.

- Cloth shown is Simonis 860, in good condition.  We can replace it for a minimal charge if a color change is desired
- 2, one-piece house cues
- Ball set
- 8-ball rack
- Table brush
- Chalk to match

Delivery and installation can be provided. Quotes are dependent upon distance and complexity of access.