Pool Table Cloth Color Selections for Colorado Pool Tables


The Pool Table Experts use Championship Billiards and Simonis cloth for our pool table refelting and restoration jobs.


Championship 'Invitational' cloth is a  22 ounce, premium grade cloth fully bathed in Teflon for stain protection. Championship 'Invitational' is available in over 25 colors; see chart below.

Championship 'Tour Edition' cloth is a 24.5 Ounce, worsted cloth which is the most durable tournament quality fabric in the industry, out lasting it's nearest competitor by a 30% margin in comparable playing conditions.  Championship's Tour Edition's extra weight, composition formula, and it's final finishing process make it un-believably durable and practically puncture proof. This built in strength provides a consistent and true playing surface. The Championship Tour Edition finishing process includes it's exclusive sheering and vacuum decating processes creating the fastest and smoothest playing surface possible.  Tour Edition is the fastest and truest playing speed cloth in the industry. Championship 'Tour Edition' is available in over 15 colors; see chart below.

We also have Simonis 860 and 760 pool table cloth available in several colors: Tournament Green, Dark Green, Red, Burgundy, Wine, Black, Powder Blue, Electric Blue, Blue Green, Marine Blue, Gold, Camel, Olive, and Spruce.

Championship 22oz. 'Invitational' prices:

7' table - $275
8' table - $300
9' table - $325

Championship 24oz. 'Tour Edition' prices:

7' table - $375
8' table - $400
9' table - $425

Simonis 860 Prices:

7' table - $400
8' table - $430
9' table - $460

View all the colors of Championship cloth we have available below:

Please note: Cloth colors are subject to change and may look different on your computer.  Please contact us so that we may send you a sample.

Red (35)
Burgundy (62)
Titanium (74)
Charcoal (75)
Steel Gray (72)
Black (77)
Purple (55)
Olive (36)
Taupe (37)
Golden (45)
Khaki (46)
Camel (47)
Brown (59)
Basic Green (00)
Championship Green (31)
Dark Green (32)
Bottle Green (39)
English Green (38)
Aztec (81)
Brick (93)
Navy (58)
Wine (66)
Academy Blue (51)
Euro Blue (57)